Limcon has the resources to take your project from inception to completion.  This includes land acquisition, building design, building construction, and financing for our clients, utilizing our many real estate partners for a custom built facility leased back to you, the client.


This form of contracting has gained widespread acceptance over the past 20 years and Limcon Construction has been at the forefront.  This form of construction gives true meaning to the term “One Source Contracting”.  A typical construction project begins with the owner interviewing, selecting, and hiring an architect, followed by hiring multiple consulting engineers and finally selecting a general contractor.  This leads to many different parties working separately for the owner with different goals and timeframes in mind.  Design Build puts all of the hassle, stress, and coordination into a One Source Contact – the general contractor.  Limcon has architects and engineers at its disposal to carry out all of these facets under one contract with one point of coordination.

Value  Engineering

In the standard form of contracting; owner to architect and owner to contractor, project costs are very often neglected during the design phase of the project.  Architects, being designers, many times lose track of costs due to the volatility of construction materials and the ever increasing complexity of projects.  Value Engineering is a honed skill that very few contractors excel at.  This process inserts the general contractor into the design phase early on by putting as much emphasis on cost control as the design process itself.  Limcon has the skills and wherewithal to pinpoint items early on, make substitutions, and pin-point “budget busting” items early in the process to ensure the client receives the best product at the most economical price.


Limcon measures the success of a project not when the building is turned over to the owner but at the one year mark after a facility has been used.  Limcon warranties all of its buildings, whether a renovation or new construction, for one year after the facility has been turned over.  We supply our clients with multiple resources to ensure that their building is utilized to the highest degree and we instill a maintenance program to ensure that all the working pieces operate long after the last nail is set.